The document titled Metocean Analysis of BiMEP for Offshore Design is an essential report developed in the framework of TRL+ project. The final aim of this report is to realistically characterize the metocean conditions in bimep in order to support developers or side industry willing to test their devices or activities in bimep. The metocean databases developed for bimep are generated using advanced numerical modelling techniques and the databases generated have been validated with instrumental data in bimep. The results are represented according to widely accepted international standards for offshore design, in order to help developers in the definition of the main design load cases.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When using any information, data or figure extracted from this document for any use, it should be referenced as follows:
Metocean Analysis of BiMEP for Offshore Design, March 2017, Produced by IHCantabria and bimep in the framework of TRL+ project.


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