Thanks to the metocean buoy installed in bimep, TRL+ offers real time metocean data in the test site. The WAVESCAN buoy is located two nautical miles offshore the Bas­que coast (-2.8848˚E, 43.4682˚N, 80 m depth). Installation, communications and periodic maintenance of the WAVESCAN buoy in bimep was developed by AZTI for Biscay Marine Energy Platform S.A. BIMEP (2011-2016).

Currents/waves/wind direction is measured in degrees clockwise from due north:
a. Currents direction provided is the direction towards which the currents go (0: Currents going to the NORTH; 90: Currents going to the EAST).
b. Waves/wind direction provided is the direction from which waves/wind come (0: Waves/Wind coming from the NORTH; 90: Waves/Wind coming from the EAST).

Buoy data at

Variable Value
Water temperature (ºc)
Waves Hs (m)
Waves Tp (s)
Waves Mean Spectral (º)
Wind direction (º)
Wind speed (m/s)