Offshore Engineering and Ocean Energy Group, IHCantabria

The Offshore Engineering and Ocean Energy Group of IHCantabria is a multi-disciplinary team focused on the development of innovative services for the current offshore sector. A hybrid working methodology, combining experimental testing, field operations and numerical modelling, is the basis of the everyday work at IHCantabria.

BiMEP test site

BiMEP is a fully developed test site located in Armintza (Basque Country). It is an open-sea facility to support research, technical testing and commercial demonstration of pre-commercial prototype full-scale floating Marine Renewable Energy Devices (MRED). BiMEP provides developers with ready-to-use facilities to validate their designs and to test their technical and economic feasibility. Deployment of the first devices began in 2016.

DOVICAIM project: experimental testing

The DOVICAIM project objective is to develop a new methodology for design and optimization of concrete caisson for marine structures. This video shows the physical modelling for lifecycle analysis of concrete floating caissons. Sinking operations and berthed floating caisson was studied. This campaign was carried out at Cantabria Coastal and Ocean Basin (CCOB). DOVICAIM is a consortium made up of FCC Construcción and IHCantabria. (

MERMAID project: experimental testing

In the framework of Mermaid project (Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission, Theme [OCEAN.2011-1], “Innovative Multi-purpose off-shore platforms: planning, design and operation”) a hybrid wave-wind energy conversion platform was numerically and experimentally analysed for the Cantabrian Sea.

Espejo numérico – Serie de oleaje regular

Espejo numérico – Serie de oleaje regular