The general aim of TRL+ is supporting offshore system developers in the pathway from a concept to the market, through all the technology readiness levels (TRL). The main objective of TRL+ is to create innovative and highly competitive services to boost the offshore energy sector to the future market, supporting developers and side industry involved during the whole life cycle of an offshore farm. Therefore, an integrated methodology is proposed to test novel offshore technologies at different scales:

  • Beginning from reduced scale at first stages of the development: IHC laboratory testing.
  • Reaching prototype scale at mature stages of the development: BiMEP test site.


In order to fulfil the general objective stated, a series of partial objectives are defined:

  • Metocean Observation System: Composed of instrumental measurements and numerical modelling, the Metocean Observation System integrates outstanding wind, wave, currents, sea level and other atmospheric parameters characterization at BiMEP. High spatial and temporal resolution databases are generated, as well as metocean prediction Systems. This Metocean Observation System is the basis of the Expert Management system developed for BiMEP site, which will be easily applicable in a different offshore location.
  • Data Integration System: The strength of TRL+ is based on the suitable integration of instrumental and different numerical models data. An assimilation system aimed at calibrating and validating numerical data using instrumental data will be developed. In addition, this system will also be in charge of the quality control of the data. The remote accessibility to the data will be a priority for TRL+, as well as their visualization at real time. The Data Integration System will be the basis of the main technological services offered by TRL+.
  • Technological Services: Technological Services developed by TRL+ are the final output and the basis of the competitiveness of BiMEP test site. Specific technological services will be created, such as the virtual test site, the laboratory-test site hybridization and the Expert Management System. These systems will enable other strategic services like technology transfer and support for device certification, which are directly applicable for other test sites.


“Promover el desarrollo tecnológico, la innovación y una investigación de calidad.”

Proyecto RTC-2015-3836-3 financiado por MCIN/AEI y por FEDER Una manera de hacer Europa.